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When the rider makes it a priority to present things to the horse in a way that the horse can understand, the horse has a chance of seeing what is wanted. It is the nature of the horse -- far more than it is the nature of the human -- to come from the other side to help us out. All they want is to please us, and there is no such thing as 'resistance', except insofar as the rider or handler herself creates it. In the place of total freedom, the term 'resistance' is never used, because there it has no meaning.


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Josh Nichol

Josh Nichol to wspaniała alternatywa dla wszystkich uwikłanych w natural. "Most people do not enjoy fighting with their horses, and there isn't a horse alive that enjoys fighting with humans. In fact, both humans and horses are happiest whentheir relationship is built on a foundation of what I call "softness", which in this context means a willing flow of responsiveness in the horse, free from any mental or physical resistance." Josh Nichol

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